GT’s Kombucha Synergy Review

Looking for every opportunity to maintain a healthy gut? Probiotics (found in Kombucha and other fermented foods) are good bacteria that help the gut stay healthy. It’s important to get some source of probiotics into your diet to regulate gut function. Kombucha is a fermented drink with probiotics that is typically sold for $3-5/bottle in grocery stores.
Is it healthy? Yes! Does it taste good? Honestly, depends on your taste buds.

The first bottle of Kombucha I drank was GT’s green bottle, and even though I really tried to finish it, I couldn’t. Kombucha tastes what I imagine the following to taste like: sourdough soaked in white vinegar and then covered in yeast. It’s a very harsh taste but if your taste buds like hoppy beer, you’ll like this!

Recently I tried the bottle above, GT Synergy and it was not so bad! Ginger Kombucha is much easier to handle and I did enjoy the flavor, however it did take me about 4 days to finish the bottle.

Overall, I give Kombucha a 4 out of 5 on the nutritious and tasty food scale. It tastes good, but the taste is not for everyone.

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