Purple Carrot Review

Wow! I don’t know what else to start with. I starting using Purple Carrot not knowing that the meals it provided were plant-based only. Although I eat a lot of vegetables and consider myself creative with how I prepare them, most of my own recipes involve meat or dairy in someway. The vegetables I prepare usually compliment meat or dairy in some way, rather than standing on their own. So as you can imagine, when it comes to preparing a plant-based meal on it’s own, I lack creativity and it shows through my dishes. However, purple carrot has provided me with a much better sense of how to pair vegetables together.

Purple Carrot is a company that sends you everything you need, recipe & food, to prepare simple, quick, and delicious plant-based meals at home. So far, I’ve made this beautiful pea flat bread. Yes, that green stuff is pureed peas. I never thought I would ever put peas in my mouth, let alone pureed peas on a flatbread, but this meal was incredible! Refreshing, filling, and tasty.


The next dish I tried was chow mein. And yes, I can get chow mein just about everywhere, but I was impressed by 1. how easy it was to make, 2. how strategically it exposed me to different vegetables.

As an omnivore, it’s taught me how to appreciate and prepare vegetables in such a much more enjoyable way. For my vegan & plant-based friends, Purple Carrot helps you explore and broaden your diet. I 100% recommend this product to anyone, and 200% recommend this product to new vegans learning to eat plant-based.


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