Who Needs a Barista?

I can’t lie to use,  I truly miss the days of when my college meal plan allowed me to buy overpriced coffee daily, at no expense to myself. But as I entered the real world and learned that the average American spends about $1,092 on coffee annually, I said oh heck no. 
Yes, I drink coffee at home, and I 100% enjoy it. I make plain coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, iced coffees, and my favorite, chai lattes. And I do this at less of an expense than if I were to buy coffee everyday from a shop. How? With #thatcertaintouch.
First, the best thing I ever invested in was an espresso machine with a steam wand. To be honest, I barely make espresso with it, but I use the steam wand daily. Frothing or foaming is relatively easy on home-designed machines. And even though fuller-fat milks or creams work better, if you’re health-conscious, skim milk works fine too!
Second, I invest in coffee grounds that I know are good. Personally-I’m a Dunkin fan. My ground are Dunkin
Third, I read up on different drinks. It’s hard to resist a Chai Latte during the winter, especially when my coworkers bring them in to work. So I brew chai concentrated chai tea, and add it to my latte-bound coffee. Dona Chai makes an excellent concentrate that can be used in a variety of ways.
Fourth, I experiment with sweeteners. And guess what? I use real sugar. No artificial sweeteners, no weird syrups. I use sugar. There is so much unknown about different sweeteners and the only one that we know enough about is sugar.We know too much sugar can lead to metabolic syndrome and relate diseases, but still so much is unknown about all other sweeteners. I would so much rather enjoy sugar in my coffee, being conscious of the amount, than getting used to another sweetener that I think it totally safe.
As you’re checking your expenses for the month and looking at those coffee charges, I would definitely recommend asking yourself, is this worth it? Can I do this at home? Chances are, yes you can, it will be cheaper, and it may provide much more satisfaction knowing you were able to do it yourself.

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