Why I Don’t Always Modify “Unhealthy Recipes”

Hello internet! I never post personally, but I wanted to touch upon something that I see often in social media. First, I must disclaim that I am not criticizing anyone, I am just noting and raising awareness to your own personal intuitions.

Often on ‘healthy foodie’ social media pages, you’ll find a lot of recipes for ‘healthy cookies’, desserts, or other modified versions of original foods. These recipes are incredibly inspiring options for individuals with modified diets as some dietary restrictions make it hard to enjoy indulgent foods. However, sometimes these desserts seem to be a staple on these pages, and sometimes outweigh other meals.

I must stress that although these recipes are ‘healthier’ they do serve a specific purpose in ones diet- providing a food option for a dish that you do not have the option to enjoy. But for the healthy individual, my Dietitian friend puts it best, ‘some foods are better left untouched.’

My grandfather, who was diagnosed with Type II DM at the age of 50, put food modifications in a wonderful perspective after being yelled at by my grandmother for sneaking ice cream in his mouth one in awhile: When I eat sugar-free ice cream, I need to half the tub to be satisfied. When I eat real ice cream, a spoonful or two is plenty. Which is better? Wasted calories or a little indulging that won’t hurt?

Of course, I must note that by the time my grandfather came to this realization, he was well into his journey with DM (about 20 years). Now, I’m not recommended for individuals with DM to go off and eat ice cream regularly, but he had a great point that I think we can apply to healthy individuals. When we eat something with lower quality and flavor, we eat more to try to satisfy our palate. But when it’s rich and flavorful, small quantities will do. So which is healthier? Unnecessary calories or rich calories? When I see mass amounts of ‘healthier desserts’ on a single instagram page, first I sift out the recipe developers-whom are really doing their job, and a great one at that. But then I look at the individual ‘healthy foodies’ wondering, Is their daily, ‘healthier’ dessert really healthier than my biweekly, fat and sugar concentrated dessert?  Why do they crave sweets so much more than I do?

Again, not criticism, just a question I want to raise. Personally, when allowing desserts into my life, I find that I actually eat less dessert than I would if I tried to limit. This is something that I noticed as a young kid when I was at friends houses, wondering how they could walk by a case of cookies on their kitchen counter every day, without even desiring one. Indulging every few weeks in single serving of dessert leaves me no desire to have it daily, or even weekly. Of course, I must also acknowledge that my low desire is also attributed to a healthy relationship with food, and intuitive eating. I truly only eat foods that I absolutely want, but because I do so, I rarely experience cravings.

So friends, my intent in this post is not to spark debate, but just to heighten your awareness of the foods you choose and why. When you’re choosing something to eat, ask yourself am I really going to enjoy this? Or am I just trying to make up for something else?

Best of luck,



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