Enjoy your Snack Break

I can’t tell a lie, there are very few vegetables that I enjoy raw and plain. But that does not mean I can’t still enjoy eating them and reap their nutritional benefits. When choosing a vegetable snack, I like to choose a variety for a single snack. a mix of veggies helps diversify my snack, providing more flavors. Some great ones to cut up include bell peppers (all colors), celery, carrots, zucchini, and summer squash.
I also always carry a dip for a snack. This could be either plain hummus or non-fat plain greek yogurt. For an extra crunch, crushed almonds can easily be added to hummus. And that’s right, I said greek yogurt. When greek yogurt is plain, it can easily pass as sour cream. Add some chopped red onions & fresh dill, and will really be surprised by how tasty it is.
In addition to my veggies and dip, a handful of nuts are a great way to make sure you’re hunger is full. On a long day of work, I have a really hard time making it through from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner. That’s why I always make sure to have some type of fat and protein with my veggie snack. It keeps me fuller, plus adds flavor.

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