Stephanie’s Favorite July Breakfast

It’s the last day of July, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post about my favorite in-season breakfast! For the most part, my breakfast dishes are generally the same; either poached eggs on toast or an oatmeal bowl. But, my breakfasts do have some slight variations per season. In the winter, I try to incorporate more winter squashes into my food, while in the summer I use more zucchini, basil, and tomatoes. Eating in season is so important to me, especially when it comes to flavor.


Today, I’m enjoying my favorite July breakfast. It’s simple and easy. First I saute arugula from the garden, and local cherry tomatoes. In this case, local is usually the way to go. Tomatoes are in season in most of the country in July, but depending on the season, they may not become ripe until August in Connecticut. However, plenty of local farms start their tomatoes in greenhouses, making them ripen earlier.

With the veggies, I also chop up come homegrown onions-preferably red. While they are sauteing, I poach two eggs, and pat them dry. Once all is done cooking, I top two pieces of toast with the veggies, sprinkle some low-fat feta crumbles, and put a poached egg on top.

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