6 Body Positive Podcasts by Dietitians You Need To Listen To

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As a dietetic intern soon to be a Registered Dietitian, sometimes it can be really hard to talk about nutrition with others while incorporating body positivity. Body Positivity, Health at Every Size, and Intuitive Eating and three things that I believe are so important in order to be happy and healthy. However, not enough people know about them or know how to effectively incorporate them into their lives or practice.

If you’re interested in learning about these topics, healing from distorted body image or Eating Disorders, or are a professional trying to incorporate these perspectives into your practice, I highly encourage checking out the following body positive podcasts by Registered Dietitians. These Dietitians offer so much experience, insight, and education into their discussions to help guide you through these perspectives.

1. Nutrition Matters with Paige Smathers, RDN

Paige Smathers is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from Salt Lake City who runs Positive Nutrition. Paige has at least 125 episodes covering a wide range of HAES and body positive related topics. This is one of my favorite body positive podcasts because it could be a resourceful healing tool for some of her clients in addition to being extremely informative for professionals.

Nutrition Matters primarily focuses on Mindful Eating, Health at Every Size, Non-Diet Approach, Weight Stigmas, Eating Disorder recovery, and everything in between. She applies gentle nutrition to all of these topics, exploring approaches to vulnerable clients. If you are an individual struggling with your body image, relationship with food, or any life trauma, Paige’s podcast can be an incredible healing tool! Or if you’re a professional who works in ED recovery, or need to learn more about the Non-diet approach, Paige provides an incredibly compassionate perspective.

This is great podcast who is best for people who are healing or ED RD’s.

2. Food Heaven Podcast by Jess & Wendy


The Food Heaven podcast is hands down THE podcast that I’ve been looking for. Most Health at Every Size (HAES) or Intuitive Eating (IE) podcasts solely focus on those two Nutrition topics. For the past year I’ve been searching far and wide for a podcast that ties in HAES and IE simply as a perspective when discussing a variety of nutrition topics. The Food Heaven Podcast does just that.

I’d recommend this podcast for absolutely everyone, but especially those you are not yet comfortable with HAES/IE or body positivity. Wendy and Jess are both Clinical Dietitian’s who have learned how to incorporated HAES into their practices. I commend them both so much considering it is usually the most difficult for clinical dietitian’s to understand and accept HAES. 

In each episode, Wendy and Jess cover one of the many nutrition-related questions that may be looming over your head. They tend to look at both sides of each argument, making their recommendations unbiased and extremely trustworthy. Their podcast is incredibly resourceful for the average individual, but can also be extremely helpful for professionals. If you are a professional but have a difficult time understanding or integrating HAES/IE into your practice, I would highly encourage listening to the Food Heaven podcast to learn the benefits and reasoning behind HAES. If you are an individual who has nutrition questions for yourself but want a reliable answer, these are the Dietitian’s to listen to!

Episode 29: Why We Stopped Promoting Weight Loss is an incredible episode to start with!

3. Food Psych Podcast by Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN


Food Psych Podcast is another incredible podcast that is resourceful for both clients and professionals. Christy explores the many issues with weight stigma and diet culture. The best part about her podcast is that she is incredible inclusive and dissects every area in our country that is affected by diet culture. If you are an individual who is struggling with your body but feels underrepresented, scroll through Christy’s podcast, because there is an episode solely for you!

This is another great podcast who is best for people who are healing or ED RD’s.

4. Dietitians Unplugged


Dietitians Unplugged by Glenys Oyston and Aaron Flores is another incredible addition to this list of body positive podcasts. The two dietitians primarily focus on Health at Every Size and diet culture. I really appreciate the perspective that Glenys and Aaron bring to the table and think this is a great podcasts for clients and professionals.

Glenys and Aaron help break down a lot of issues in way that is understandable for those who are still unfamiliar with HAES/IE. If you’re interested in HAES/IE but are still trying to grasp the concept, this is a great podcast for you! Glenys and Aaron provide a lot of answers related around dieting issues and the importance of understanding Intuitive Eating.

5. RD Real Talk by Heather Caplan, RD


RD Real Talk also falls on the list of body positive podcasts for clients, professionals, and interns. In just over a year Heather has published over 71 episodes! Talk about a hard worker.

Heather’s podcast is incredibly helpful for clients who are learning how to incorporate Intuitive Eating into their lives. Episodes 14-24 break down each of the Intuitive Eating Principles so that you can learn step-by-step how to eat intuitively. Heather also includes a variety of professional development topics including changing jobs and how IE can be fit into a variety of settings in dietetics.

6. The Mindful Dietitian by Fiona Sutherland


The Mindful Dietitian by Fiona Sutherland is also one of my favorite body positive podcasts because Fiona interviews a different dietitian in every episode. Fiona talks to IE/HAES dietitians to create a valuable resource library for other dietitians. The purpose of this podcast is to create a network of mindful eating dietitians together to help professionals step away from diet culture and better serve our clients. If you are a professional looking for experiences and perspectives from IE/HAES dietitians, this is the perfect podcast for you!

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