Welcome! My name is Stephanie and I am a Registered Diet Tech, Certified Lactation Counselor, and graduate of the UConn Didactic program in Dietetics. I currently work as a Farm Apprentice, learning about food production from start to finish. I have a passion to educate others on healthy eating habits to improve the overall health of our society. Most importantly, I want to make eating healthy easy, and fun and want to get rid of the ‘dieting’ mentality. I firmly believe that all foods fit, and that good nutrition looks different for every person.

My interest in food started at a young age, as I was raised by a chef. As a young picky eater, my dad taught me the benefits of different foods to try to get me to broaden my palate. As I’ve grown to be in adult, I’ve witness the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle and want to make living healthy easy for everyone. My goal in nutrition is to help individuals develop a happy and healthy relationship with food, starting from early in life.

As you can see, I post a wide variety of foods from salads to desserts. I believe that the best way to have a healthy, balanced diet is to truly enjoy all of your foods. The best foods we can eat are fresh, in season, and locally grown. Although I think fresh foods are incredibly important, I also believe that when you indulge you must eat foods you truly enjoy. A balanced, mindful diet nourishes your body physically and mentally.

If you’d like to learn more about me, or communicate for any reason, please shoot me an email.

Email: thatcertaintouch@gmail.com

IG: thatcertaintouch

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